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By air

international pic7Most students will fly to the UK and should try where possible to book a flight that lands at Manchester International Airport.

If this isn't an option you can book an internal connecting flight from London to Manchester which can often be cheaper and easier than transferring by train or coach.

If you are intending to fly into Manchester then it is worth looking at different airlines to see who has the cheapest deals. The general rule for air fares is the earlier you buy the ticket the cheaper it will be.

It is also worth finding out if there is a travel agent that specialises in student travel as they may be able to give you a discount if you hold an International Student Identity Card.

By coach

international pic8If you are arriving by coach to Manchester then you can book online at National Express or Megabus.

We advise you to book well in advance to ensure a place on the coach. You can also get up to 33% off regular ticket prices if you purchase a "Student Discount Coach Ticket" available from airports or any National Express booking office. You will have to show your ISIC card before buying this ticket.

By train

international pic9If you are arriving by train to Manchester then you can book your ticket in advance at National Rail Enquiries or The Train Line.

Booking in advance not only guarantees you a seat but you can often buy cheaper tickets. Be wary of purchasing tickets for a fixed train and time as this means that if your flight is delayed your ticket will not be valid.

You can also obtain a 33% student discount on train journeys by buying a Young Persons Railcard. For this you will need to show your SIC card and give in a passport sized photograph.

Getting to your accomodation from your arrival point

The International Office can arrange a transfer from the airport to your accommodation on arrival if you let us know on the Online Application Form or complete and return the Arrival Details Form that is sent with your acceptance letter. You will have to pay the charges depending on the distance to your accommodation.

Please have with you the details of the College in case there are any problems, these details you should have received before arrival. If you have not received them before arrival then please contact the International Officer.

If you are expecting to be met by a friend or family member then please ensure that you have their contact number in case you are delayed or you cannot find them on arrival.

The airport, train station or coach station will have a helpdesk where you can get further information, however please note that these are not usually open outside normal working hours.

Immigration issues

If you have any problems with UK Immigration on arrival then please contact the International Office on 0161 870 5750. Remember that we are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and don't forget to bring all your documents from the College with you in order to prevent any problems arising.


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