Why do I need IELTS (or the equivalent) to study at Manchester International College?

This is a requirement of the UK Border Agency for International students applying to study in the UK on a Tier 4 visa. It is also a course entry requirement for many of our courses. Please see each individual course description for exact information. If you study on a Student Vistor Visa or an Extended Student Vistor Visa, you do not need to have an IELTS or equivalent score.

Will Manchester International College organise accommodation for me?

Yes. We offer a wide range of accommodation options, from Homestay to Student Halls of Residence. Please see our accommodation page for details. For students coming for a longer course, we strongly recommend Halls of Residence.

What happens if my student visa is refused?

In the unlikely circumstance that your visa is refused it is Manchester International College’s policy is to refund full fees less the administration charges if you have not started the course. You will be required to submit the visa refusal documentation.

Will I be able pay my tuition fees in instalments?

The fee for all courses must be paid in full before the course starts. If you are a government sponsored student, then you must submit an official and original sponsorship letter to the college with your application.

Who do I go to when I have a problem?

You are free to talk to our Welfare and Accommodation Officer at any time to discuss any issues in confidence. Please refer to the Student Notice Boards to book an appointment. If your problem is with your course, please speak to a member of staff in the department.

Is the college open on public holidays?

In England, we normally have 8 public holidays per year. These are called Bank Holidays. The college is closed on these days.

Bank Holidays 2014

01 January Wednesday          New Year’s Day   
18 April Friday      Good Friday
21 April Monday      Easter Monday
05 May Monday      Early May bank holiday   
26 May Monday      Spring bank holiday
25 August Monday      Summer bank holiday
25 December     Thursday      Christmas Day
26 December      Friday      Boxing Day

What do I do if my contact details change?

It is the student's responsibility to inform College of any change in their contact details (email / address / mobile phone number). There is an electronic copy of this form on the Student Intranet and paper copies available at Reception. Please always remember to update your information as soon as possible.

Will I be able to use my Student ID card to gain student discounts, for example on public transport?

Yes. Many places in Manchester offer student discounts. You will need to provide your student card and in some circumstances, such as public transport, you may need to fill out a form and have the College stamp and sign the form to validate it.

What is the minimum age to study at Manchester International College?

We accept students over the age of 16. The majority of our students are 18 or older, but we are happy to accept you if you are 16-18. Please remember that you will be joining an adult course and we will need written consent (permission) from your parents or legal guardian.

What do I do if I get ill / become pregnant and cannot study?

If you are ill and unable to continue studying for a long period of time, you should speak with the Welfare and Accommodation Officer about suspending your studies. If you suspend your studies you should not remain in the UK.

What if I lose my passport or it is stolen?

If your passport is lost or stolen; you should report it to the police as soon as possible. You will be given a Crime Reference Number. You will then need to contact your embassy in the UK and apply for a new passport. Once you have received a new passport, you can apply for a new student visa stamp.

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