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ShekuThe Business and Management Department of Manchester International College was established to provide the highest quality teaching in business and management courses increasingly demanded by overseas students.

We work in partnership with globally renowned accreditation bodies as well as UK universities to deliver the most up-to-date materials.

Our faculty consists of seasoned British and international professionals and academics with in-depth knowledge of their respective subjects. We’re proud to attract talented teaching staff who would not look out of place in the best business schools. Similarly, our network of commercial and industry professionals enhances the learning experience for our staff and students. Our philosophy of continuous development for our staff ensures their approach and teaching know-how are capable to cope with the demands of the modern teaching environment.

We have a range of college wide social activities and clubs available for all our students; including day trips, sports, and singing and drama. All these extra-curricular activities are partially subsidised by the College to improve your learning journey with us.

Come and join us!

Sheku Kakay
Director of Studies, Business Management


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