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We are Accredited by the British Council

Manchester International College is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English. This means we have passed a strict inspection on standards for English language schools in the UK. Not only did we pass the inspection, but we achieved 3 overall Strengths (Course Design, Premises & Facilities, and Staff Management) as well as 16 individual Strengths in many areas.


For more information please visit the British Council website or see page 10 of our Inspection Statement.


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We are a member of EnglishUK

We are a full member of both English UK and English UK North, which are the national associations for accredited English language centres in the UK.


English UK is also one of the world’s leading language teaching associations and works to ensure the highest standards of teaching and care for students. English UK North promotes the north of England as a great destination for international students.



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