Foundation Learning for 16-18 year olds

Achieve your career aspirations

Foundation Learning at Manchester International College aims to provide individual programmes of learning for 16 -18 year olds who are uncertain about their career choices or who do not have the necessary skills or qualifications to start Apprenticeships, College or Employment.

Foundation Learning is a flexible programme designed to give learners choice and opportunity to develop their skills.

It can help you to brush up on your Maths and English as well as giving you the choice of which subjects to study.

It focusses on providing you with a flexible course that allows you to work at a pace that you feel comfortable with, whilst preparing you for the next step of your journey towards progression.

    • For 16–18 year olds
    • Part-time or Full–time
    • You can choose your own qualifications
    • Gain work experience
    • Can lead to work, an apprenticeship or college
    • FREE! – we will even pay your travel costs

It is ideal for many young people working at level 1 or below.

Over 1300 qualifications have been developed for Foundation Learning programmes.

At MIC, we will provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve your career aspirations and gain valuable qualifications to support your development. Learning is tailored to suit your need and your Tutor will work with you to identify your individual learning plan.



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